Youth Skills: Thai Poly Acrylic

Developing Youth Skills

To mark the United Nations’ World Youth Skills Day, we began a series of features looking at how Lucite International’s (LI) sites across the world invest in young people, and we continue to demonstrate our commitment in the learning and development of youth skills.

When looking at the work done in this field across all of our global regions, Asia is particularly active. Our site in Thailand, Thai Poly Acrylic (TPA) is no exception. A typical year at TPA sees around fifteen students complete internships in a broad range of disciplines including engineering, finance, human resources, and safety, health and environment (SHE).

Current employees training experience

A number of interns will be offered full-time roles at TPA as a continuation of their progress made during their internship. We spoke to two current employees about their experiences as interns at TPA, and how the Company has helped their development.

Nirot Pujan, Boiler Technician, said: “I began my internship at TPA in 2012 and was taken under the wing of a Mechanical Technical Supervisor who was very helpful in coaching me and developing my expertise during this time.”

“From what I’d been told about the Company, I got the impression that it would be a great place to fulfill my potential and allow me to deliver good performance.  This was helped by development opportunities such as training programs and direct coaching which certainly built my skills.”

“I would definitely recommend an internship program as a great way of learning as much as possible about a particular area of interest.”

Suriya Torou, Mechanic, said: “My internship at TPA started back in 2010. I soon found that employees here are almost like brothers and sisters in how helpful and supportive they are. This creates a great working environment for a person to develop their skills and knowledge.”

“The Company often holds training and development programs that relate to different tasks or jobs within the organisation. These can either be in a classroom environment or on-the-job training.”

“Good relationships with my colleagues and the opportunities to increase my knowledge have been important. For someone with a goal of full-time work, an internship is the best way of attaining a high level of skills while working in real operations.”

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