Working with customers; striving for excellence

Lucite International (LI) is passionate about the products it makes. It’s one of the reasons why we support our customers from their purchase, product use and beyond. This is part of our KAITEKI philosophy to work in a way that balances the needs of our planet and our stakeholders.

Balancing the needs of our planet with the needs of our stakeholders.

Being product stewards

As product manufacturers and stewards, we strive to manage the health, safety and environmental aspects of all our products from creation through to their ultimate use and beyond. In doing so we are creating a culture where product stewardship can generate tangible benefits through the entire supply chain.

The integration of LI into the wider Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation (MCC) gave an opportunity to consolidate best practice and improve the support we provide to our supply chain partners. And we continue to strive to be the ultimate preferred responsible supplier.

Continuously Improving

To help achieve progress in this respect, we are always looking for ways to lead with new ideas. One example of this work in practice was our recent Methyl Methacrylate product stewardship network meeting, held in Shanghai, which concluded with an action plan to ensure continuous improvement, and a strong program of care for our customers that is both pro-active and reactive to ever-changing external influences.

Product stewardship visit to customers Raychung.

Working with customers

The product stewardship team arranged to visit two of our major acrylic cast sheet producers in China, Raychung and Longyou, to provide them with product stewardship guidance and advice. In turn this will help improve their safe handling of materials and polymerization technology.

With environmental safety regulations becoming much stricter in China, our customers truly appreciated our visit and the help and advice we gave to help them to better understand how to respond to the new protocols.

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