The People Who Make Our Business Special


Above all else we value the strong relationships we continue to build with our customers.  We were delighted to hear that DSM had been awarded the Sustainable Supply Chain Award 2012 and proud that DSM felt that Lucite International (LI) had played a key part in them achieving that.

LI and DSM have had a long track record of successful joint business development. This success originates from close collaboration in all fields of business – technical, commercial, logistics and operations – in order to generate the maximum value for both companies. For DSM, LI is seen as one of its most reliable global suppliers to have supported them in increasing their business across all regions and markets and significantly maximising the value they give to their customers.

At LI, it really is our people who make our business special.

The four members of the leadership team of the Monomers business alone have nearly a hundred years of combined experience in the industry.  If you add that alongside the knowledge of the acrylics industry across our Sales and Customer Service team then you begin to see why it feels different to do business with LI.

Our new EAME methacrylate monomers website was designed to give our customers a better understanding of the dimensions of our world-class business, including greater visibility of our people who are so passionate about what they do for our customers.

If you haven’t had a look already then we would encourage you to browse the videos and profiles on our website:

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