Taking Emergency response training to new levels

suttons safety road tanker_large

Lucite International (LI) is passionate about safety health and the environment.  Recently we have been working alongside our logistics partners to develop our safety and emergency response capabilities even further.

LI employees form a 24/7 duty team for emergency response cover and this team receive incident training on a regular basis.  At one such recent training session, LI partnered with our UK haulier, Suttons, to create a credible scenario to test the key players.

Suttons dedicated their personnel, time and resource – their emergency response vehicle – to mock up the scenario which took place at their Thornaby depot.   The test included a transfer of material from tank to tank and how it can be achieved safely in a one-off situation.

Feedback from the Product SHE (Safety, Health & Environment) advisors was extremely positive; everyone was engaged from the outset and LI have ensured that learning is shared across our Supply Chain team.

This kind of support from our hauliers is extremely valuable to us.  Events like this require a lot of time to set up properly to make them credible and the fact we were able to do it with a scenario that involved our product and the actual people who would physically be involved should this kind of incident ever take place, is impossible to replicate via alternative sources.

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