Supplying Kolpa for over 30 years

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Lucite International (LI) has been working closely with Kolpa d.d. for over 30 years, supplying them with both methacrylate monomers and acrylic sheet.

Kolpa,  a renowned high-end bathroom equipment and solid surface producer, celebrated 35 years as a company  last year, and have come a long way from their original primary markets in the former Yugoslavia.  Today they serve the whole of the EU and beyond, into Russia and the US. This has been successful partly because of their pivotal location in Metlika in the south of Slovenia, where they efficiently serve Central and Southern-eastern Europe.

A key brand in Kolpa’s portfolio is Kerrock, which is used for solid surfaces.  Kerrock conveys Kolpa’s promise to meet customer needs and deliver only the highest quality products, closely aligning to LI’s own cultural values.  LI and Kolpa also share a passion for innovation and development, in order to better meet the needs of today’s consumer. This alignment has nurtured and developed a strong working supplier relationship between LI and Kolpa over the years.

Kerrock’s solid surfaces are made entirely from non-harmful ingredients utilising clean chemistries. The applications are vast and these clean chemistries which are employed enable their solid surfaces to be used in locations from households, to airports, businesses spaces and hospitals. The versatile nature of Kerrock means it can be shaped into almost anything: it finds itself as worktops, countertops, washbasins, sinks, and furniture to name a few.  Its anti-scratch and anti-stain properties make it a material of choice in areas of high human traffic, and its non-porous smooth surface lends itself to easy cleaning.

This is an excellent example of how LI’s methacrylate monomers are used in a diverse range of products which are important in everyday life, the inherent properties of methacrylates helping to create the performance.  To find out more about our range of monomers, please click here and see the variety of ways in which they are used here.

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