Sales Control on supply of methacrylate monomers


Due to a production loss resulting from a shortfall in the supply of raw material feedstock, Lucite International’s inventory levels have been depleted to the point where a sales control will be implemented in the EMEA region on MMA, MAA and nBMA products, with effect from 1st March 2017.

Available products will be allocated to customers on a fair and reasonable basis, and in accordance with contract agreements.

The methacrylates market has experienced a significant level of disruption recently due to the combined impact of the number of plant outages across the world at a time of strong demand, which has reduced the planned availability of product in the EMEA region. It is envisaged therefore that the sales control will continue until product availability has improved and normal inventory levels have been restored.

We apologise for the disruption in service arising from this necessary action. Please be assured that Lucite International is working to mitigate the impact on our customers’ businesses.


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