Passion for Safety: Violet Shen

At Lucite International (LI), “having a passion for safety, health and the environment (SHE)” is our number one priority and a core value for all who work for us. Following the United Nations’ World Day for Safety and Health at Work, we introduced a series of interviews featuring our SHE specialists and their thoughts about their important role with the Company. Today, we hear from Violet Shen, SHEQ Manager for Lucite International China (LICC) who joined in 2004.


What are the key focus points of your role?

I lead and implement our global SHEQ policy, procedures and culture at LICC and ensure all departments are compliant (Q is for Quality, which we combine with our passion for SHE activities in China). This means we can meet global benchmarks through setting, maintaining and improving SHE performance.

What do you enjoy most about working in SHE?

I enjoy sharing safety knowledge and ideas with everyone to make sure people work safely and live healthily. I like seeing how people can express safety and health awareness not just at work, but also with their family and friends.

What are the most significant ways in which SHE practices have evolved in the last 10 years?

In the past, if a company said “safety is our first priority” it could be seen as a slogan and not an actual way of working. There was a danger that safety requirements would have been followed passively. Now, people’s thinking has changed and they take utmost care towards their safety and health. For LI, safety is absolutely our number one priority and this culture is reflected at all times in how people work.

How does the challenge of causing zero harm/zero injuries influence your work at LI?

I believe that no-one wants to have an accident. However, dangers are ever present and, unfortunately, sometimes things happen. Our post-event investigations show the cause can be related to anyone; it’s not just site-based employees but engineers and managers too. We’re human, we all make mistakes; it’s how we go about fixing them, learning from them, and preventing them that matters.

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