Our Cassel Facility Breaks All-Time Production Record


Our Cassel site in the North East of England has broken an all time record for monthly production of MMA – achieving 20,545tes during March 2013. As Lucite International’s (LI) largest MMA production facility this is a significant achievement for our team and demonstrates how LI’s philosophy of continuousimprovement combined with a systematic process for driving manufacturing improvements is delivering results.

Graham York, Cassel Site Manufacturing Manager explained how the team had achieved this milestone and what this means for our customers: “This performance is not a one-off but the result of a programme of work, which has been delivering increased efficiency in the manufacturing process as well as regular incremental improvements over the past five years.

“At LI our corporate promise is ‘going further’, which we aim to live by delivering outstanding added value and performance to all our customers and stakeholders. This increased productivity means greater reliability of supply for LI’s existing customers in EAME and greater availability of product to support customers’ new product innovation. It also demonstrates that LI’s production facilities are highly competitive, increasingly efficient and fit to support the growing markets for methacrylates; all good news for the sustainability of our, and our customers’ businesses into the future.

Cassel is a highly integrated manufacturing site comprising a number of separate plants, which convert raw materials into MMA and eliminate the by-products. So these production records are a reflection of the improved performance and reliability across the HCN, ACH, MMA and SAR plants on site. Breaking the 20kt/m barrier is a significant milestone in our development and shows that the work and investment that the team has put in over the last five years is paying off. But the mission to increase efficiencies across LI’s global assets doesn’t stop here and we’re already focusing on breaking the 21kt/m barrier!”

Find out more about about our production powerhouse – Cassel  here: http://www.luciteinternational.com/monomers/eame/manufacturing/cassel-site

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