Maintenance shutdown at Cassel gets underway


The Lucite International Cassel site at New Road, is currently undertaking a planned shutdown for maintenance work which started on Friday 24th October.

The purpose of this significant event, which we are carrying out, is to complete statutory maintenance work and to install a number of key improvement projects.

As with past shutdowns, the work involves a large amount of activity in and around the site, with an additional 500 people required to complete the task. These people have been drawn from a wide range of specialist contractor firms, both locally and regionally. In an effort to minimise noise and disturbance for local residents, we aim to restrict most of the activities to normal working hours (7.30am to 5.30pm) but will need to continue at weekends, again mainly during normal working hours.

We are delighted to be donating £500 a week, during the course of the shutdown, to local charities, provided safety, health and environmental targets are met.  Details of the beneficiaries will follow in future posts.

Lucite International is very grateful for the continued support and understanding of our operation on Teesside.


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