Interruption to the supply of methacrylate monomers

The Cassel Site has been undergoing a major overhaul event over the last couple of months. During the start-up process, a technical issue was encountered which prevented the re-start from being able to be completed. Work was initiated immediately in order to rectify the issue and to allow progress to a safe and successful resumption of production.

As a consequence, there was no option but to declare Force Majeure on 9th May 2018 on the sale of MMA, MAA and nBMA and despatches of these products has had to be suspended until after production at the Cassel site has been restored to a stable operating position. Upon the resumption of production, available volumes of MMA, MAA and nBMA will be allocated to customers on a fair and reasonable basis, and in accordance with contract agreements until the Force Majeure status is lifted.

Our sales people will continue to be in contact with customers regarding the impact on deliveries and volume availability. We do apologise for the disruption arising from this unforeseen event and continue to work to mitigate the impact on our customers’ businesses.

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