How we are shaping the future

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The new edition of our FreeFlow magazine is now available and includes our valuable insight in to the EMEA methacrylates market, which continues to be as dynamic as ever.

Everyone is closely watching to see how 2016’s business performance will conclude as a result of both the regional and global factors at play. As a Monomers business accurate forecasting remains crucial for us and we reflect on some of the elements affecting both our industry and no doubt yours.  We would love to talk more to you about the impact of these influences on your own businesses and how we might work together to find solutions.

Customer feature
Also in this latest edition, we are delighted to introduce our customer Westwood, a family owned company, specialising in high performance, liquid acrylic-based resins. Find out how they are staying at the forefront of technology and ensure that sustainability is a cornerstone of their corporate philosophy.

Shaping the Future
And as 2017 draws ever closer, we take a look at how the Alpha II MMA plant construction is progressing in Saudi Arabia and hear some personal stories from the people on the ground who are working hard to bring this important new MMA capacity on stream. Our EMEA General Manager, Phil Bailey, also shares an update in our ‘Shaping the Future’ article on how we are ensuring we remain as competitive and efficient as we can – there is a huge amount of activity underway both internally and with our customers as we work together to help shape an exciting, sustainable future.


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