Excellent safety performance pays


At Cassel, where EMEA methacrylate monomers are produced, the site’s strong safety performance is recognised by an award scheme which benefits local charities. Provided that specific injury, environmental and illness criteria are met for 90 days continuously, an award of £1000 is donated to local charities, making a real difference to our local community.

The most recent donation was made to SNAPS (Special Needs Activities Parents Support), a local parent led community group, which was nominated by Martin Allinson, one of Cassel’s Shift Managers.

SNAPS, established in 1999, provides support to families in the Tees Valley area. They help children and young people aged 0-25years who have a disability, special or additional needs.  SNAPS organise term time and holiday activities for the whole family and offer a wide range of information, practical and emotional support for parents and carers.

SNAPS do not have regular funding so rely on fund-raising and donations.  They have no paid staff so every donation benefits the families directly. Lucite International’s methacrylate monomers site, Cassel, is delighted to have been able to contribute towards this valuable work.

To find out more about the Cassel site, please click here.

Pictured Chairperson of SNAPS, Ruth Benson alongside Martin Allinson, Shift Manager at Cassel.

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