Development of production technology for sustainable MMA

Mitsubishi Rayon Co., Ltd. (MRC) and subsidiary group Lucite International (both part of the Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation – MCHC) are continuing the drive for innovation by developing alternative sustainable feedstock sources for the production of Methyl Methacrylate (MMA), using both existing technologies and developing completely new bio based routes for methacrylate monomers. We plan to commercialize production and use of sustainable feedstock for MMA production by 2016 and intend to achieve at least 50% of MMA production from these sources.

MMA is a material used in the production of a wide range of useful products including recyclable transparent plastics, coatings and adhesives. As a leading chemical producer MRC recognizes its responsibility to develop production methods with low impact on the global environment and to contribute to creation of a more sustainable society by continuously and rapidly reducing our dependence on fossil fuel based raw materials.

1.Current initiatives
We are investing in two approaches to improve the sustainability of MMA production:

(1) Use of renewable feedstock sources as raw materials to our existing processes; and (2) Development of novel routes to achieve sustainable production directly from renewable sources.

Simultaneously, we continue to innovate in catalysis and process technology to reduce resources consumed per unit of output in all our activities.

Taking as its motto the Japanese word KAITEKI (meaning “well being”), Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation is committed to using chemistry to promote sustainability, health and comfort. Through our development of environment friendly bio-based MMA, we are actively progressing the KAITEKI concept in our global business.

*KAITEKI means not only comfort relative to people, but also the soundness of society and the Earth.

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