Biodiversity at Cassel continues to ‘grow’

Kidney Vetch, INCA_large

Species galore thrive amidst our UK methacrylates production centre.

The Cassel site’s Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) received an extra boost at the end of 2013 when hundreds of plants and several kilograms of wild flower seed were added to a newly excavated area at Cassel.

The Lucite International team have an on-going relationship with INCA (Industry Nature Conservation Association), which has helped achieve so much over the years.  For example, a beautiful meadow which was created in 2011 already hums with the pollen-gathering activity of bees, as well as being home to a variety of other invertebrates.

Building on this success, and thanks to the support of Buglife – The Invertebrate Conservation Trust, funding was obtained to create a habitat for scarce brownfield invertebrates across a number of project areas, including Teesside.

A small but keen group embarked upon seeding and planting of the new part of the meadow at our Cassel site in November.  This provides an expansion to the existing meadow and will be of great benefit to many species of invertebrate, including butterflies, moths, bees and wasps.   Once established the new area should be at its best in the summer months, particularly during June and July.  We look forward to sharing updates with you later this year.

Images 1: Clare Dinham of Buglife with Peter Garbutt (LI Process Operator) and Malcolm Thomson (LI SHE Manager)

Image 2: Kidney Vetch in bloom

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