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Lucite International were delighted to learn that our customer Scott Bader have won the ‘Innovation in Materials’ award 2013 for their Crestabond® MMA structural adhesives range.

In developing their new adhesives range, Scott Bader have responded to a growing demand for better, faster performing universal structural adhesives capable of bonding not only composites together, but also commonly used metal and plastic substrates, such as stainless steel, aluminium, acrylic, ABS and PC.

Jon Stowell, Adhesives Global Business Manager for the Scott Bader Advanced Materials Group commented:

“We are absolutely delighted and feel very honoured that our Crestabond MMA structural adhesives range, with its unique urethane acrylate/MMA adhesive technology has been selected by the judging panel for the Innovations in Materials award this year. Based on the successful applications globally developed so far, Scott Bader is confident that Crestabond’s unique combination of performance features and cost saving productivity benefits will open up many more new bonding applications for composites, especially in conjunction with metals and other engineering materials.”

Methacrylates provide some excellent property benefits and when used in adhesives they cure rapidly to form tough, durable bondlines with structural strength, forming a highly effective coating or sealant.  Their use in structural adhesives is enabling productivity increases, greater build quality and cost benefits.

It is estimated that the structural adhesives sector within Europe has grown by 13% since 2008 (source: Frost & Sullivan report) and that usage continues to expand across a wide range of applications – from automotive and aerospace to wind energy and consumer goods.

Scott Bader is a £200M multinational chemical company, which manufactures a wide range of innovative composite, advanced composite, adhesive and specialty polymer products. These are used around the world by converters who make finished products for a diverse range of technically demanding industrial markets such as construction, automotive, chemical containment, wind energy, marine, graphic arts and textiles. Sharing a deep commitment to innovation and customer service excellence, Lucite International (LI ) values its long-term relationship as a supplier to Scott Bader.

More information about Scott Bader’s product range and the award can be found here.

For more information about the wide range of applications for methacrylates, please see here.

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