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The NEW edition of our Freeflow magazine features our customer Akripol in Slovenia, with whom we have a long working partnership.  Akripol have chosen to use acrylic for sound barrier manufacture due to acrylic’s exceptional qualities which make it an ideal replacement for glass in this application.

We were delighted to hear recently that acrylic had been selected as the material of choice for some designs in the Trimo Urban Crash competition, which Akripol were actively involved in

Trimo (the parent company of Akripol) organise an international competition for students of architecture and design every two years featuring materials from Trimo and Akripol in the work.  The aim is to encourage aspiring designers of urban space towards a bolder, more ambitious approach towards understanding architecture and its place in the larger urban environment.

2013’s design theme was a Bike Base, designed as a sustainable building, for the north artery of Ljubljana, a four- to six-lane road heavily burdened by traffic and one of the main entry corridors into Ljubljana’s city centre.

Two of the competition entries received special recognition awards from Akripol due to their inspired use of acrylic in interior design:

1)     Joseph Goodwin, Nick Bastow, Richard Breen from Newcastle University’s faculty of Architecture Planning Landscape in the UK

2)    Jose Bernal and Iuliia Fomina from Florida Atlantic University in the US

Innovation is a value that Akripol and LI both share and we have been able to work closely with Akripol to help support their growing business in sound barriers.

Do get in touch if there is an application for acrylic which LI can help you to develop.

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