80th anniversary of MRC


We have just celebrated the 80th anniversary of the Mitsubishi Rayon foundation.

It is now four years since Mitsubishi Rayon Co Ltd acquired Lucite International (LI) and our companies continue to work together to develop successful business.

MRC chose the theme of evolving traditions to celebrate the strong corporate culture that its employees have built over the past 80 years; a time during which they have created a thriving global business with KAITEKI (wellbeing) at its heart. The image of musicians and their instruments above represents the joining of MRC and Lucite International – east meets west in music, culture, business, and beyond.

Recently MRC employee Kozo Hisamoto from Tokyo has joined the EAME Monomers Commercial Team on a secondment to enable greater integration of the global businesses.

Significant progress has been made in just the few months that Kozo has been at LI’s Cassel site including introduction of some higher methacrylates in to the product portfolio.

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