Cassel achieves ISO50001 energy certification

ISO 50001 symbol_largeWe are delighted to announce that the Cassel Site has gained certification to the International Energy Management System Standard ISO50001, following a successful assessment carried out by accredited auditor LRQA .

An energy improvement plan has been produced that will enable the site to meet the company sustainability improvement targets to reduce energy and CO2 emissions by 20% by 2020 from a 2010 baseline.

Cassel has been certified to the Environmental Management System Standard ISO14001 since December 2000 and has realised many benefits from working to this standard says Amanda Buck, Environment, Energy and Sustainability Manager for the Cassel Site.

“Working towards ISO50001, a relatively new management system standard which was first issued in June 2011, was a logical next step” says Amanda, who led the work to identify energy sources and significant users on site.  “To start with, an energy baseline was put together to provide a quantitative reference to track energy performance. An energy review process is required to periodically assess energy performance and identify opportunities for performance, the output of which is an annual report. Energy performance must also be taken into account when designing and procuring equipment and services that can have a significant impact on energy usage.”

It seems that there was no shortage of energy improvement ideas from the Cassel workforce.  An initial set of brainstorming sessions was held to generate an ideas list and this has been added to by carrying out energy awareness training and audits, and through management review meetings.

Lucite International also engaged an external consultant, URS, to carry out an energy audit of Cassel Site and the other ACH-MMA sites in the Lucite Group. The first audit was carried out at Cassel in February 2014 and this provided further improvement opportunities for the site and helped to better define some of the ideas already raised.

Obtaining certification to the standard is just the first step and we look forward to sharing updates on future developments with you as we work towards making Cassel as energy efficient as we can


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