16th KMC Acrylic Design Contest

KMC concluded its annual 16th Acrylic Creative Design Contest with an award ceremony. 220 guests, including the finalists, university lecturers, and acrylic manufacturing partners came together to celebrate another year of achievement. Bella Wang shares the story.


Tough Competition

In addition to students from Taiwan, 2017 saw participants from China and Southeast Asia joining in. Bella said: “The contest has become highly competitive and this year the standard of work was more impressive than ever. Our manufacturer guests were truly stunned by the depth of creativity displayed by the entries. Students used the features of acrylic to really stretch their creativity. With this contest, everyone can learn from one another’s work to inspire more innovation and new applications.”

In this year’s contest, 55 designs were selected from almost 850 works. These were then prototyped for entry into the final competition. The contest culminated in three individual works being awarded 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, five merit awards, five manufacturers’ special awards, and 15 highly commended.

Recognizing the importance of design


KMC has held the contest for the past 16 has years and observed a simultaneous growth in the use of acrylic for design projects in Taiwan. In the early years, manufacturers did not recognize the importance of design. However, their opinions have now shifted as a result of KMC’s continued effort to put design activities at the heart of the acrylic industry.

Eric Huang, General Manager of KMC, commented: “Providing opportunities for students in different fields to design with acrylic creates great added value for the material and it is definitely the right direction for our annual acrylic creative design contest. Thankfully the academic community, manufacturers and those involved in the wider industry appreciate this good work.”

Bella concluded: “The contest is the perfect platform for designers to cooperate with fabricators to develop commercial products. And we’re delighted to report that some products from the contest have now been modified and orders received. Not only is this good news for the students but it is also a great way for acrylic manufacturers to receive tangible benefits from the design contest. Driven by such benefits, we hope to see more new designs and applications in the future, which, in turn, will lead the whole acrylic industry to move forward and create an innovative boom!


Gold awarded for the Acrylic Leather Hand Lamp


Designers: Kuan-Ya Fang, Chien Chun

University: Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology.

Concept: In Chinese culture, a circle is seen as a simple, smooth shape that represents complete harmony; in the natural world, in family relationships and beyond. Based on this idea, acrylic is used to create a circular, hollow light with a leather wrap. Sandblasted acrylic hides the LED light source creating soft, even illumination. Combining different materials and textures provides a unique look. The light can hang anywhere or it can be used as a spotlight.


Silver awarded for the Acrylic Seasoning Jar


Designers: I-Han Liu, Wei Chen, Hsin-Hui Hsu

University: Wu University

Concept: In fine dining restaurants, it’s always good to keep the table clutter-free so that diners can focus on the food. This clever holder for four individual types of seasoning can be placed on the table at any angle and works as a perfect dispenser. Beautiful to look at and comfortable to hold, the use of transparent acrylic makes it easy to select the right seasoning.


Bronze awarded for the Acrylic Lighting Ring


Designers: Shih-Ching Lin, Chih-Hang Wu

University: National Yulin University of Science and Technology

Concept: Acrylic sheet in two colors is used to create this organic shaped light that demonstrates perfectly the mouldability and design-flexibility offered by the material. Using LED as the main light source to project onto the acrylic ‘frame’ creates a unique shadowed aesthetic.

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