Progress in Process Safety Management


LI continues to make excellent progress in Process Safety Management (PSM) and we are pleased to update you on what has been happening since the PSM article in Issue 12 of our Freeflow publication.

Work is rapidly gaining momentum in the areas of: PSM training; Process Safety Performance Indicators (PSPIs); a refresh of the company Safety Health and Environment (SHE) Standards & Asset Integrity Procedures; PSM in Project Excellence; Process Safety Incident reporting and investigation.

Foundation Training

A Lucite International PSM Foundations course has been developed, for delivery to all key manufacturing management, engineering and supervisory staff during 2013.  A group from Cassel attended the first course in March, joined by colleagues from some of LI’s other global facilities.  The course was extremely well received, with animated examples of PSM incidents being used to bring PSM to life.

Asset Integrity Management

Asset Integrity Management (AIM), in a process safety context, is ensuring that critical equipment continues to provide a robust safeguard against Major Accident Hazards throughout its life.  With that primary reason in mind, Asset Integrity Procedures (AIPs) which were developed more than a decade ago are now being refreshed, championed by a global Asset Integrity leadership team.

To achieve good process safety performance, and hence to avoid a major incident, requires highly trained and motivated people driving the right processes in a way which ensures the integrity of our plants.  It is about making sure our SHE-critical assets are, and continue to be, ‘fit-for-purpose’- something which we all care passionately about and in which everyone in the Company plays a part.

To find out more about LI’s approach to Process Safety Management, click here.

If you have any questions regarding PSM, please contact us and we would be more than happy to talk to you.

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